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Beach? And where is that? North. Way north. All this time with us and I feel like a barely know you. There is something very interesting about you, Zamuel. For a boy of your age, you seem to be very comfortable in this environment. In the midst of battles and bloodshed. Alvarado told me how curious you were when exploring the temples a few days ago. The ones with the corpses. He said you were like a miniature Marco Polo. Is that true? I guess. You have experience with such endeavors before? Sorta. I thought at much. I've also noticed that you are a very skilled interpreter. Ten times as good as Father Aguilar. You can understand most of the native dialects, can't you? I guess. You're too modest. You're very skilled. And Marina seems to like you. Do you like Marina? She's nice. Actually, I thought she was spectacular. Yes, she's very nice. So I have a mission for you, because I feel I can trust you. Can I trust you, Zamuel? Yes, sir. I can't always rely on what Marina is saying to these people. I have no reason to distrust her, but ... Zamuel, we are on the verge of something very special. I can't stress that enough. And I need to know that I have the loyalty of everyone around me. Otherwise we will be doomed to certain death. I'm sure very painful and gruesome deaths as well. I know you don't want that. No, sir. Excellent. So here's my offer to you. I would like to promote you to be my personal page. Would you like that? What does that mean? It means you'll be my assistant. You'll report messages for me, you'll take care of my horse, complete errands, all those sorts of things. Also, I will need you to keep an ear on the translations of Marina. I am trying to teach her Spanish, but it's a work in progress. In the meantime, if she translates my words in any way other than my intention, I want you to tell me. You understand? Yes, sir. And if she translates the messages of the native chiefs in any way other than what you understand them to be, you have to let me know. You understand? Yes, sir. Cortés smiled and leaned back. His apartamente de vanzare bucuresti apartamente de vanzare bucuresti dark eyes appeared to glow with the reflection of the torches flickering nearby. Excellent. You have great potential, Zamuel. I see a very bright future for you. The door suddenly swung open and in stepped Bernal Díaz and Cristobal Olid. Between them they were carrying one of the Mexican tax collectors. He was still nearly naked and looked as muddled as a freshman on their first day of high school. Coming in behind them were Alvarado, Ávila and Francisco de Lugo leading in a second tax collector. Alvarado looked at Cortés and apartamente de vanzare bucuresti motioned towards me with a confused look on his face. Zamuel is my new page. He will translate for us since Marina is asleep. Zamuel, ask these two apartamente de vanzare bucuresti men what country they are from and why are they prisoners here. But we know those answers, General? asked an even more confused Alvarado. Cortés just raised his hand calmly to apartamente de vanzare bucuresti his anxious lieutenant. Go ahead Zamuel. I asked the two questions of the tax collectors and received the answers I expected. We are from Mexico, said the first tax collector. He was a lean man with a gaunt, haughty face. We answer to apartamente Emperor Moctezuma, the rightful ruler of this land and others. The caciquesof Cempoala arrested us with your